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#1330 Fixed [Scheduler] Torrents in paused mode after restarting deluge while in red zone Cas tim-m89

deluge:1.3.0-rc1 libtorrent:

Upon transitioning from the scheduler red zone to green, torrents start up again but except for a few which are now in paused mode. How did they get in paused mode?

To be a little more detailed, I think it happens a little like this:

I have 4 torrents, none of which are in paused mode and I am currently in the scheduler's active green zone but I have the queue set to only 2 active like so:

#1 A #2 A #3 Q #4 Q

Upon reaching the red zone the torrents stop but the active ones get assigned a mode of paused so that when the next green zone arrives the lower priority torrents are going instead like so:

#1 P #2 P #3 A #4 A

If it helps to reproduce the bug I am currently starting and stopping deluge client & daemon during each red zone.

#5 Fixed Choose which data files to use? markybob tim.kornhammar@…

I understand that moving torrents is limited by libtorrent but how about an option to select where the files are located. In that case you can move them yourself or as in my case rename the disk or move an USB-disk...

#94 Fixed Missing an option to set maximum connections on specific torrents. tim.kornhammar@…

As the title suggests.

Description of problem: It is easy for popular torrents to get hundreds of connections. You can set maximum connections per torrent and total torrents, but not individual. Torrents with fewer connections in total suffers when the limit is reached.

I think this is an important option to let the client become as effective as it can get.

Another harder option to make is to drop slow connections from those who have many connections in favor for slower torrents with few connections.

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