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#47 Fixed Deluge lost all configuration and torrents when out of disk space. andar anonymous

Hello, I was running deluge and when disk space run out deluge give me number of messages saying "can't write to file" or something.. Then I closed deluge, freed some disk space and started deluge. And now deluge has lost all configuration and torrents. And the default values was in use.

#51 Fixed Download progress lost on SIGTERM andar jegHegy

Ever since upgrading to, my downloads get reverted to the state they were in when I started Deluge if it gets closed abruptly (i.e. not File > Quit but a SIGTERM from having a timed shutdown etc.) Say a torrent is at 25% when i start Deluge and it finishes in one session, but a SIGTERM shuts it down. Next time I start it, the download is again at 25%.

Ubuntu 7.10 with all updates, downloading to an ext3 partition, using full allocation.

#57 Fixed torents are being rechecked on every deluge restart andar anonymous

... which gets really annoying when the torrent list contains a few big torrent seeds

I am not sure whether this happened before upgrading to, perhaps it's related to the fast resume thing in the changelog? or do I need to delete some configuration file (which one? trying to avoid recreating the torrent list fom scratch)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
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