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#472 Fixed In all other versions, it showed the % of the peers/leechers completion, now there is nothing andar

Ive used almost all the Deluge versions. This final release Deluge 0.9.08 however does not show the % that the leechers are at/completed. Any way to include this like before?

#473 Fixed global and per-label totals andar anonymous

hi! playing with the 0.9.08 version i love the labels but miss the total on the number of torrents including seeders. i seed several hundred. what i would like is a total number of torrents in the system, and totals per label. that way i can label them by tracker and keep a total count for each; helpful for managing private tracker torrents

even cooler would be able to know of the 'active' torrents 1) how many are active and 2) how many are actually transferring data versus just idling.

but i'll take my label totals and run if that's all we can get!

much thanks!

#474 Invalid deluge does not start. Segmentation fault andar

If I start deluged -d, deluge crashes with a Segmentation fault

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