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#183 WontFix Share ratios of open torrents are reset to zero markybob anonymous

The share ratios for open torrents are not kept between sessions of deluge. Every time deluge is started, the ratios are reset to 0.

Active plugins:

  • Move Torrent 0.2
  • Network Activity Graph 0.2.1
  • Network Health Monitor 0.2
  • Torrent Files 0.2
  • Torrent Peers 0.2
#193 Fixed Uploaded data amount increases when pausing/changin queue order andar anonymous

There is a bug in that increases the amount of uploaded data (and thereby the share ratio) when a torrent is paused or the order in the queue is changed (it does not appear however when the method of sorting is changed).

To reproduce:

Take a torrent having uploaded a fair amount of data during this session (preferably at least 10% of the total uploaded amount, that way it is more visible). When this torrent is paused or its queue order is changed (by moving it either up or down by one place or by queuing it to the top/bottom), the amount of uploaded data will increase by the amount already uploaded during this session. Also, when you change the queue order, every torrent that also changes queue order by this act will undergo the same increase.


In, the function pickle_state, which is supposed to write the statistics of the torrent in a file in case of a crash or upon closing, saves the amount of uploaded data to torrent.uploaded_memory. The problem is that this function is also called when changing queue order (by the functions queue_top, queue_up, queue_down and queue_bottom) and upon pausing (by set_user_pause), so that any of these actions transforms the amount U of uploaded data into U+x where x is the amount of data uploaded during the current session, so that after n of the actions, your uploaded data amounts to U+n*x; the solution is to either disable pickle_state in these cases (what I have done on my own client as a quick fix, I do not mind the higher vulnerability against crashed that much if it keeps my ratio safe) or to modify the function so as to only save to an external variable that will be restored upon starting Deluge.

Also, so far I have only seen reports of this problem on systems running linux (Ubuntu 8.04 to be more precise, see and, but I suppose that this could also happen under other operating systems (I did not test this though, so I might be wrong).

#199 Fixed Ratio is not correct (in markybob anonymous

Although a 'ratio' display bug is set to be fixed, I think the ratio is still not displayed correctly. I installed a fresh Ubuntu 8.04 and installed the Deluge version that comes with Ubuntu ( (?)). I noticed that the ratio is going up although my download speed is higher than my upload speed which could only lead to a decreasing ratio I would think.

I found the update on this site which says that a ratio display bug was fixed. I tried it but still the ratio climbs as my download is faster than my upload. Also a ratio above 0 is displayed (about 0.1) even when I have not uploaded anything at all yet.

For the rest: keep up the good work, I always used Azureus on my machines but I think I will make the switch to Deluge! It's fast, small and very versatile! A request: perhaps you could include a 'bytes uploaded/downloaded' to the columns and perhaps some small statistics window which gives the total bytes uploaded/downloaded ever.

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