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#38 Fixed Web Seed Proxy is not getting saved markybob

When I set a web seed proxy and close the preferences window, the settings are still in the form but the checkbox is unchecked.

It's with and of course also

#314 WontFix Web seeding gets at 16kB rather than torrent piece size markybob anonymous

My access_log is showing that the Deluge client is retrieving pieces at 16 kB instead of the piece size the torrent is designated for. In this case, the torrent piece size is 4MB. Other web server log entry is showing Deluge is correctly retrieving the torrent piece size.

#1087 Invalid Web interface stucks at "Uploading your torrent.." damoxc seqizz

svn trunk version, just built. I can't add a torrent from web interface. also all new rc* versions acts like this. When i want to add a torrent, it stucks in "Uploading your torrent" loop. Bar goes to end, and restarts, seems like an animation :) Here is a screenshot, sorry for blur:

When i've downgrade to 1.1.9, the old interface works without any problem. Gentoo x86_64, here is the /etc/conf.d/deluged :

DELUGED_USER="deluge:nogroup" DELUGEUI_START="true" DELUGEUI_OPTS="-u web"

deluge flags are : webinterface -gtk -libnotify

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