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#2085 Fixed Web interface does not show torrents in side bar categories other than 'All' damoxc WillyWolly

In the web interface connected to a win32 Deluge, when clicking the categories in the side bar, other than 'All' (Paused, Queued, Seeding or Active, and the tracker-specific categories) no torrents come up.

#1170 Fixed Web in Connection Manager "add host" broken damoxc lk29

Open Connection Manager click Add and... and nothing happens

version git 2010-03-10 21:16 1.2.900-dev

#2867 Fixed web-gui does not changing deluge instance properly DjLegolas driiper

Setup: 2x Deluged daemons


Adding 2 instances to the connection manager, lets say both are online and you connect to one of the instances. All torrents registrered to this server appear properly and up until this point all is fine.

The error occurs when connecting to the second instance of deluge without first disconnecting the first instance. While the statuses changes, the torrent list are not cleaned up properly.

The proper behaviour would be to first clear torrents when connecting to the new instance.

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