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#1109 Fixed watch dir with special characters MartinEve

Deluge RC5 seems to halt the watch-dir functionality whenever a torrent with Russian/Hebrew?/non-standard-ascii character filenames are added to the watch directory.

For example:


stops the watch directory from picking up any subsequently added torrents. After this I have to delete all from the watch dir and restart the client for any changes to take effect.

#511 WorksForMe warn when trying to reactivate an automatically paused seed andar deluge-trac@…

I think it would be very nice of deluge if it warned me in the following situation instead of sitting there apparently doing nothing:

1) set a seed to stop at ration 1 for example 2) wait until the seed is automatically paused 3) try to unpause it

deluge will immediately repause the seed (as it was told to do, no complaints here). The gtk ui (and maybe even the webui) should if possible warn the user that the seed cannot be activated unless that auto-pause option is changed or deactivatd.

#1281 Fixed Warn/stop client connecting to incompatible deluged johnnyg ETZel

If compatibility is not provided, it should be mentioned in the docs.

Additionally, it would be nice if client refuses to connect to an incompatible server and shows a helpful message.

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