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#188 Fixed [Patch] GCC 4.3 Fix andar xyz@…

The svn checkout R3156 did not compile with gcc 4.3.

#include <cstring> had to be added to assert.cpp and lazy_bdecode.cpp

After fixing this, I was able to compile deluge without a problem

I have attached the patch file

#189 Duplicate Windows Crash markybob rockerboo@…

I keep having the deluge crash on my Windows XP SP2 machine. I just wanted to report the windows crash response.

The only plug-ins I have are

Torrent Files Torrent Peers

In the following text is the xml output of the error. Hope that can help.

#190 Fixed Share ratio / upload statistics bug andar avalanche64@…

The seeding limit was set to 200% in preferences. The torrent finished downloading and kept uploading. When it reached 200%, it stopped seeding and the gui showed that I have seeded over 500%. Every time I clicked on resume my share ratio was increased by 200%, but the seeding did not restart.

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