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#980 Fixed [r5427] Deluge does not exit properly andar tim.kornhammar@…

When exiting deluge the program hangs and does not quit like it should. For example the GTK window is still running. This has worked fine previously.

I have removed the .config/deluge directory, started, exited (then killed) and started again.

Hopefully the uploaded log can solve why deluge don't want to quit.

#76 WontFix Default torrent list markybob Tim

It would be nice to be able to have a list of default trackers that all torrents use AFTER they have cycled through their own trackers. It would be even better if the community could have an option to add their own trackers to a web based list that could be downloaded (after admin approval).

#2111 Duplicate Misleading 'paused' status tilkau

Sometimes, a torrent will have 'paused' status shown, but continue to download. This persists over restarts of Deluge. If I 'pause' the torrent and then 'resume' it, its status comes to match what is actually occurring: it gets shown as 'downloading'.

However, if I simply do 'resume' by itself, this has no effect; the status continues to indicate 'paused', and the torrent continues to download.

OS = Arch Linux, x64 (last update = Jun 04 / 2012) Libtorrent-rasterbar version = 1:0.15.10 Python version = 2.7.3

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