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#3044 Fixed Restarting deluged via systemd causes errornous torrents krichter

I'm managing deluged with the following systemd unit:

Description=Deluge Bittorrent daemon

ExecStart=/usr/bin/deluged --do-not-daemonize --config /var/lib/deluge/deluged/ --logfile /var/log/deluged/deluged.log


When I restart deluged with sudo systemctl stop deluged.service a random number of torrents is marked errornous and has to be force-rechecked.

#3028 is about corruption happening when the torrents are moved which is not the case in this issue - assuming that there's no move happening during restart.

experienced with 2.0.0.dev7019+fefe742+201705201502~ubuntu17.04.1 on Ubuntu 17.04

#3043 Fixed libtorrent 1.1 win build instructions greasy

As of libtorrent 1.1.3, the boost=source, geoip=static, and encryption=openssl arguments for b2.exe aren't working. At, geoip isn't listed as a build feature and the argument for setting openssl as the encryption method is "crypto", not "encryption."

It'd be great if was updated to reflect these changes

#3041 Invalid Execute plugin fails when filename contains two consecutive spaces linearray

The "name" option of a torrent is used for display purposes

In particular, it appears that several consecutive space (0x20) characters are coalesced into one. This can be easily verified by creating a torrent file for a file named

Untitled  .txt

(note the two spaces) and then looking at the entry in the torrent list in e.g. WebUI, which is

Untitled .txt

(one space).

The file written to disk, however, retains the original name with two spaces. This becomes a problem when using the Execute plugin, because it reads the display name, which then has no relation to the actual filename, rendering it useless for all file operations.

I am not entirely sure where the coalescing happens, perhaps here, neither am I sure about the best way to correct this. If the coalescing is intentional for display purposes, then the Execute plugin probably should not read the name option and instead read the name of the top-most file of a torrent.

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