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#1232 Fixed confusing display of IPv6 addresses in peers tab Cas tikal808

When in the peers tab using 1.2.3 on Ubuntu 10.04 IPv6 addresses are sometimes displayed in an incorrect format. Most specifically there is sometimes an extra digit applied to the last quad in the address. (see attached screenshot) Whether or not this is by design I do not know. Regardless, it's currently impossible to perform a a whois lookup on an IPv6 addresses displayed on the peers tab when there is extra digits in the address.

#528 Fixed Deluge does not remember its GUI settings on Gnome andar ticktack@…

Deluge 1.0.0 Gnome 2.22.3 / Ubuntu Hardy

Deluge GUI does not remember any GUI related settings (window size and position, inner windows' sizes...)

To reproduce...

  1. Open Deluge GUI, change window size, change inner organization.
  2. Close Deluge GUI.
  3. Open Deluge GUI.

Result: Deluge opens with default GUI settings.

Expected: Deluge should open with last used GUI settings.

#727 Fixed rm in console ui removes all andar tiagoboldt@…

I've upgraded deluge to the latest 1.1.0-1, and when I try to stop and remove a torrent within the console ui, all the torrents are removed from the daemon. I had Torrent 1 downloading and Torrent 2 seeding and when I deleted Torrent 2(rm Torrent 2 <- tab auto completed it), both torrents were removed.

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