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#2358 WorksForMe Per label torrent listing doesn't work non7top

Doesn't work both in web UI and in GTK UI. Select label in the left pane and list is empty.


#2364 WorksForMe Dialog focus when multiple torrents added from magnet links rmlrml

Installation type: package

Version information:

Deluge reports: Deluge 1.3.6 libtorrent

My package manager reports: Deluge 1.3.6-2 from Experimental repository libtorrent 0.16.10-3.1+b1 from Unstable repository

Operating System - Crunchbang Debian Testing GNU/Linux

Steps involved to reproduce the bug:

using GTK interface using Iceweasel 24.0

In Iceweasel Preferences - Applications

Set Content type "magnet" to "Use deluge"

In Deluge Preferences - Interface

"Main Window"

Deselect "Focus window when adding torrent"

"Add Torrents Dialog"

Select "Always show" Deselect "Bring the dialog to focus"

Click OK

Click a magnet link in web browser, it is received by deluge and a dialog is opened which does not steal focus, as expected. Alt-tab to deluge-gtk to confirm a dialog box was opened.

Alt-tab back over to web browser. (you can click inside the web browser window to confirm it really has focus). Click another magnet link. This time the add torrent dialog pops up, stealing focus, showing your two torrents to be added. The main window does not take focus behind the add torrents dialog.

Click another magnet link in web browser - same behavior.

Seems like the "Bring the dialog to focus" option only works when there's only one torrent in the dialog.

Thank you for all your hard work!

#2384 WorksForMe invisible throttling bug? demian



deluged 1.3.6 libtorrent-rasterbar 0.16.12 (same with 0.16.10)

My deluge is behaving rather odd and because it's not that easy to explain i will add two gifs at the end of the post.

So: I have 100Mbit downstream, meaning i should get up to ~11 MBps download speed. And with other torrent clients like Vuze or rtorrent i get that, if there are enough seeds, that is.

But with deluge i never get more than 2 MBps downstream, irregardless of how many torrents i have open. As if i had throttled the dl speed. Upstream is NOT affected.

So, i usually hang somewhere between 1.5 MBps and 2 MBps. On a single torrent I can get up to 4-5 MBps but it is very rare. I've actually only ever seen it on one torrent, which incidentally is also the only torrent, I can get the full 11 MBps, which i get by pausing and then unpausing... Yes, it sounds weird, there is a demo gif attached (gif 1). All other torrents I have tested so far cap at around 2 MBps and those are torrents which, if opened in rtorrent or vuze, download at least 3 times as fast, often at the cap of ~11 MBps.

I have tried the unpausing with different torrents but this archlinux one, is the only one that resumes with full speed (gif 1). And to add to the confusion, if i have other torrents open while doing the pause/resume voodoo, global download speed will still be capped at 2 MBps.

I have tried: current git version of deluge downgrading libtorrent-rasterbar (to 0.16.10) deleting all configuration files changing all kinds of options (DHT, Peer Exchange, TOS, Encryption, every bandwidth option to -1 etcpp)

To me it seems, the problem has to be within the deluge code unless i am somehow missing a crucial option.

Maybe someone here can make sense of this. Gifs:

A log of the first gif (full speed after resume):

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