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#1084 Fixed Deluge does not handle magnet links andar tiagoboldt

Despites being able to add torrents by hash, deluge still does not have handles magnet links. With the latest changes and controversies in the most important trackers, I guess that this should be a priority.

#1102 Duplicate Folders Progress Status tiagoboldt

Whenever there's a folder on the files list tab, there is no way to see it's priority and progress.

I propose that the folder's progress should be the arithmetic mean of all the files inside it, so that there can be a progress bar on folders also, giving the user an idea on it's progress without having to open it and analyse each file.

Also, I propose that a folder's priority is the priority of it's files if they are all the same and some other text string if there are multiple priorities inside it.

#870 Fixed Deluge doesn't use configuration directory when loading ssl certificates mvoncken

When the configuration directory has been set away from ~/.config/deluge/ with the -c <dir> command, SSL mode cannot be enabled because the program searches ~/.config/deluge/ssl/ anyways for the files.

The error is given in the webui when https is checked to be enabled: Certificate not found at '/home/delugeusr/.config/deluge/ssl/deluge.cert.pem'

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