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#1983 Invalid Autoadd plugin not loading torrents with non-ascii char names Cas thepace

I load torrent by dropping them into watch folder and autoadd plugin loads them into deluge. On torrents with non-ascii character names files are not loaded into deluge and they stay in watch folder until i manually delete them. On manuall add via gui same torrent load properley.

sample file name that was not loaded:Los cronocrímenes

following error is written in deluged log:

[ERROR ] 00:56:46 core:204 Unable to auto add torrent due to inproper filename encoding: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xc3 in position 19: ordinal not in range(128

OS used: ubuntu x64

#1842 Fixed autoadd save .torrent firefox

in the autoadd option the .torrent save path is not working at all,if you have the main .torrent save set to on all .torrent files are saved in that path, if u set a different path on a watch folder this will not save it in that folder, tested also with the main .torrent save off, same stuff the autoadd option TORRENT FILE ACTION to save .torrent file is not working.

#2270 Duplicate Autoadd settings does not accept .dot (hidden) folder names Kvaks

I'm trying to add another Autoadd folder in deluge-gtk. After setting the watch folder, "download location" folder and "move completed" folder and finishing with the Add+ button, I notice that the watch folder changed from




(I can see this because this path is shown in the list of watch folders)

After experimenting with various other folders, it seems this happens whenever I try to set the watch folder to any that contains a hidden (.foo) folder along its path.

I should add that I already have several watch-folders set up that do contain the ".deluge-watch-folders" (with a dot) in the paths, so this has been successfully done earlier. For some reason, adding another similar to the existing ones now does not work.

Other info of interest: System: Kubuntu, KDE 4.10

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