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#271 Invalid Support socks4a, socks4, socks5 protocols leak dns requests markybob anonymous

Deluge presently supports the socks4 and socks5 protocols for proxies. These do not support dns requests. The socks4a protocol takes dns requests. Supporting socks4a would mean users using tor would not have their dns requests leaked.


#273 WorksForMe Multiple instances of deluge possible markybob anonymous

On Ubuntu 8.04 32-bit

This problem has existed for some time, but I didn't notice because I was using a workaround (telling Deluge to watch a directory and having Firefox download to that directory rather than having Firefox launch Deluge.)

If I launch deluge through GNOME, and I try to launch deluge again through GNOME (by clicking an icon in the panel, through a menu, through alt-F2, etc.) then Deluge behaves properly. It sees that an instance of deluge already exists and won't launch another instance.

However, if I launch deluge through Firefox or through gnome-terminal, Deluge fails to see that an instance already exists and launches a duplicate instance.

I don't think this should happen ;p

#278 Invalid Store all torrent files in: won't save markybob anonymous

I have reverted back to the Ubuntu repo version but in when I select a folder in my secondary hard drive to store .torrents in, deluge reverts back to the torrentfiles folder every time you close it.

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