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#425 Fixed Deluge RC5 and XP SP3 markybob anonymous

Installed new windows xp sp3 integrated and when i tried to start deluge RC5 it does not work.I have tried all the commands and no procces is listed in task manager.

#426 Fixed Priority set on wrong file andar

I have a torrent with 1000 files in it. I need only one of them. So I start the torrent with all files priority set to Do Not Download and then set priority of one file to Normal. When the torrent is done I found that wrong file was downloaded. I tried with other torrents and the behavior is persistent.

Gentoo Linux Python 2.5.2 Boost 1.35.0 pyxdg 0.15 setuptools 0.6_rc8 pygtk 2.12.1 dbus-python 0.82.4 librsvg 2.22.2 GTK 2.12.11

#427 Fixed Specifiing a new config dir leads to permission denied error markybob

When starting the deluge daemon, there is an option to specify where the config directory is, but besides putting the log file there, the program ignores the option and tries to create it's own config dir in the users home directory.

This way it is impossible to start it under SUSE during boot time, as then no HOME environmental variable is set, thus Deluge tries to create the .config folder in the file system root. (Even though it was specified to use a different folder).

With just a quick look through, the problem seems to be in the file in the class constructor: the self.config_directory is always initialized to the *default* config dir, even though it was overridden on startup. In the file the config dir variable is later set to the correct *new* config folder, but the execution never reaches this line (the overriding of the *default* config dir), as when it loads the *default* it already dies with a permission denied error.

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