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#1369 Fixed MS Windows %APPDATA% non-ascii johnnyg Thump

I can't use Deluge 1.3.0 on Windows 7 x86-32 because my user-name contains non-ascii symbols.

After starting: "The folder contents could not be displayed"

"Invalid byte sequence in conversion input"

Configuration doesn't saving.

#1386 Fixed [win32] 'Add Torrent' using non-ascii Download Location Cas Thump

I can't point Deluge 1.3.1 on Windows XP SP3 x86-32 to save downloading content to destination path containing non-ascii symbols.

For debug log it was used 'C:\Temp\Тест\Test' destination folder, but Deluge making a new directory and saving the files there: 'C:\Temp\Тест\Test'

On Windows 7 SP1 x86-32 it doesn't downloading at all, maybe because of the non-administrative rights to make new folders.

Take a look at debug log when 'C:
Test' becomes 'C:

#1388 Duplicate [win32] path to torrent-file contains non-ascii symbols Thump

I've tested it on Windows 7 x86-32 and Windows XP SP3 x86-32, log is from XP.

When the path to torrent file contains non-ASCII symbols there is no possibility to add torrent-file by double-clicking, nothing just happens when Deluge minimized in notification area. Empty add-torrent dialog appears when double-clicking on torrent file while Deluge' window is open.

I have got debug log by the following command:

C:\Temp\Тест>"C:\Program Files\Deluge\deluge.exe" -L debug -l C:\Temp\double-click-deluge-debug.log C:\Temp\Тест\ubuntu-10.10-desktop-i386.iso.torrent

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