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#203 Fixed torrent order is not saved, or not loaded after restart markybob

when i close deluge and reopen it, my torrent order changes randomly, meaning that they are not saved or not correctly loaded on startup. problem vanished when downgrading to

#204 WorksForMe interface stops updating markybob

Deluge starts minimized to tray. After I maximize it interface stops updating - progress bars dont' move, speeds don't change. Some interface elements can be used - selection bar can be moved and some menus can be used, but menu 'torrent' is grayed, new torrents cannot be added, quit doesn't work. Network activity looks normal so possibly it is an interface-only issue but it makes unusable. Had to migrate back to

In addition, torrent order got all messed up.

ubuntu 7.10 64, python 2.5.1

#205 Fixed Torrent state and "Open containing folder" issues markybob anonymous

Deluge start to download/seed all torrents in spite of that I checked "Start torrents in paused state" and doesn't obey to "Pause" command. This doesn't happen all the time, but very often.

"Open containing folder" doesn't work at all.

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