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#510 Invalid Inaccurate file percentages andar

Percentages of completion aren't always accurate for some reason: sometimes one of the files has already finished downloading but stays just below 100%, and sometimes (rarely) it even goes above 100%! I'm using XUbuntu on an Eee PC 4G.

Having precision on file completion is nice, but apparently not as accurate as one would think. Requesting another glance at the code that calculates this stuff.

#511 WorksForMe warn when trying to reactivate an automatically paused seed andar

I think it would be very nice of deluge if it warned me in the following situation instead of sitting there apparently doing nothing:

1) set a seed to stop at ration 1 for example 2) wait until the seed is automatically paused 3) try to unpause it

deluge will immediately repause the seed (as it was told to do, no complaints here). The gtk ui (and maybe even the webui) should if possible warn the user that the seed cannot be activated unless that auto-pause option is changed or deactivatd.

#513 Fixed files in torrents added by Auto Add are marked as "Do Not Download" andar danii

Deluge 1.1.0_dev [3898]

files in torrents added by Auto Add are marked as "Do Not Download" although the files are still downloaded as if marked as Normal must be a gtkui problem it also happens in torrents added by the Un-official FlexRSS Plugin for 1.x

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