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#1861 Fixed [AutoAdd] warning: column number is a boolean Cas Cas

This will always appear in console on startup with the autoadd plugin enabled.

(deluge-gtk:15781): WARNING **: column number is a boolean, but will be interpreted as an integer; this is likely not what you intended

It is related to activatable=True in this line

#1614 Fixed autoadd will match a directory called "torrent" heissfuss


76 for filename in os.listdir(self.configautoadd_location?): 77 if filename.split(".")[-1] == "torrent":

This causes me some issues because I had my download directory named torrent and had the autoadd directory one level above it. This caused autoadd to rename my torrent directory to torrent.invalid every time deluge started.

This is a very minor issue, but it was quite frustrating before I tracked it down.

#1101 Duplicate Autocheck on startup XChesser

On startup Deluge always checks availability of files that refer torrents in list and, if it doesn't find them, it resets torrent status to 0%. It happens even if torrent is paused. While most of my downloads are located in the ext. HDD I have to connect hard drive every time I start Deluge. If I forget doing it Deluge mark them as new (0% done) and I have to recheck all "external" torrents at the next time. It would be grateful to cancel autocheck of paused torrents or to add new option for deactivating autocheck to GUI.

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