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#515 Duplicate Tracker based priority andar

Hi! I searched on the forums and tickets for this idea and guessed it's not been raised; apologies on the contrary.

A nice feature to have could be priority management based on trackers. I foresee two flavors:

  • allowing for global priorities only (as currently implemented). That is, if one set tracker A to be High Priority, then all its torrents get High Priority on; if tracker B is set to Normal Priority, but has one B_1 torrent set to VeryVeryHigh? Priority, B_1 will have the priority of leeching over A torrents, although the tracker it belongs to has a lower priority than A's;
  • allowing for two hierarchical levels of prioritization: trackers, then torrents within a given tracker. That is, considering the same two trackers with the same priorities rules, B torrents will never have the leeching priority over A torrents. In the same time, if A has several torrents, say A_1 to A_3 with priorities declared as A_1 > A_2 > A_3, then along the fact that A_i torrents have the priority over B torrents, A_1 remains before A_2, A_2 before A_3 in the priority queue.

I'd go for the second option, for it provides the user with a powerful tool when it comes to handle trackers for which leeching/seeding activity is rare but important; for instance private trackers where one strive to build (or at least keep!) a good ratio. But the first flavor may be simpler. Maybe giving the choice as a user preference would be great, but the mechanisms are a bit different in the background, so you may not want to code and manage both… if only this idea interests you to start with :)

I happen to know that the 1.1 branch can filter torrents by tracker, so it could make the implementation easier?

#518 Fixed Add Torrent window too high for netbook displays (1024x600) andar anonymous

The Add Torrent window does not fit vertically on a 1024x600 screen in GNOME with two standard panels (one on top, one on the bottom of the screen). The buttons on the bottom edge of the window display under the bottom panel. This happens always, no matter if you add one or more torrents.

#520 Duplicate launch custom command when a download completes andar anonymous


the thing that i think is really missing is the possibility to define a command that is executed after the downloaded item is completed (and moved in an optional directory).

mldonkey has done a good implementation of such a feature, which i think should be reproduced in deluge (see

such a feature offers a lot of possibilities, like receiving a sms or an email when a download completes, changing the permissions on the files (i cannot find how to define this, or change the umask of the dummy user deluge is running as), sort different files in different directories depending on the file name extensions or other criteria, etc...

brief, everything the user can think of.

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