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#303 Fixed port spinners sensitive when random ports are activated andar anonymous

when you open the preferences dialog and click on the 'network' settings, the spinners are active even if random ports are enabled. once you toggle something, then the proper sensitive setting is set, but not when it's first opened.

#309 Duplicate "Torrent paused" message but seeding torrents don't pause markybob anonymous

I usually store my downloaded files on an external disk, and when it's not plugged in or suddenly plugged out (the wire to my external disk is bad so this happens regulary for me) Deluge gives messages like "Torrent paused: file/directory <path/to/file> not found". This is just fine, but... When it's a seeding torrent, it doesn't pause! The result: I get the exact same message about the same torrent a minute later, and I have to manually pause it.

#310 Duplicate Error messages can't be alt-tabbed to markybob anonymous

This is just a really small bug, but when I get a bunch of errors in a row (happens when I unplug a disk), after a while the next error message loses focus. Also, at any time, if I click anywhere else but on the dialog it just appears behind all other applications and I can't switch to it using alt+tab. I can only find the error message then by minimizing all other windows or opening Deluge, at which instance the error pops up again.

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