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#431 Fixed KiB, MiB and GiB are counted as powers of 1000 instead of 1024. markybob Lajnold

In various parts of the GUI, KiB, MiB and GiB are counted as powers of 1000 instead of 1024, which I noticed when "Uploaded" for a torrent went straight from "999 MiB" to "1 GiB".

#432 Fixed Move Notification to a plugin. s0undt3ch anonymous

Move the notification logic to a plugin.

#433 Fixed Deluge RCs do not start on Windows XP x64 markybob

It appears that the whole problem is with the fact that the program is installed to, and runs out of, C:\Program Files (x86)\ rather than the standard C:\Program Files\.

If I simply use the start menu item or run the deluge.cmd by hand, I get nothing; no output, nada. If I remove the EXIT from the end of the script, I get a pop-up dialog title "StartX", stating: Failed to run the program, Error:2, The system cannot find the file specified.

After adding (x86) to all instances of %PROGRAMFILES% in the script (as well as the EXIT and @echo off) and running the script by hand, I get an empty return; no output at all. If I try subsequently running scripts\deluge.exe (since all of the environment variables are now present) it complains that: Cannot find Python executable C:\Program Files\deluge\python.exe Despite the fact that my PYTHONPATH is: C:\Program Files (x86)\deluge\Lib;C:\Program Files (x86)\deluge\DLLs;C:\Program Files (x86)\deluge\Lib\site-packages;

It looks like there may be some hard-coded paths in here. This could also cause a problem in the case that somebody installed to a drive other than C:

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