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#3059 Fixed autoconnect & webserver Cas firefox

Autoconnect to selected daemon is not working anymore.

if i stop the daemon and start it again i get this:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/deluge/ui/gtkui/", line 479, in on_button_startdaemon_clicked
    self.start_daemon(port, get_config_dir()).addCallback(on_daemon_status_change)
AttributeError: 'bool' object has no attribute 'addCallback'

i cant get more information about this but gtk is not connecting to the daemon... guess it's self.start_daemon btw i have tho daemons in the config, but with the latest deluge version on ppa develop i just see one.... if i do a regress to Client: 2.0.0.dev7027 Server: 2.0.0.dev7055 works fine and i can see the localclient and the remote daemon

#2460 Invalid AutoExtractor Plugin fails to extract files with periods djstrobel

I found ticket #2290 and made sure I have the Extractor-0.3-py2.7.egg installed. Still getting this same error:

Line 1619: [ERROR ] 18:22:02 core:139 EXTRACTOR: Can't extract unknown file type: .x264-2hd.rar

#2290 Fixed AutoExtractor Plugin fails to extract files with periods ( . ) Cas three18ti


Deluge Version: Client: 1.3.6 Server: 1.3.6

OS: Ubuntu, 12.04.1

Since upgrading to deluge 1.3.6 the auto extractor fails to extract files with periods.

Relevant log excerpt:

attached as deluge_auto_extractor_debug_log_20130304.log


Cas suggested reverting this commit might fix the problem:

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