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#2811 Invalid creates plugin with bug haydent

per this investigation here:

If i follow the guide here: and create the plugin template, the compiled plugin runs fine on first activation but on program relaunch deluge fails with this error log attached.

Im running classic mode under windows 7, i have tried compiling under linux or windows with same result.

I can get it to not make the error by setting up and plugin dir structure the way another plugin i found does, as it does not have this problem.

I have attached screenshot of difference between with working one on right and problem one on left. The code for these can be found at the forum post above.

#2813 Fixed Connection Manager Showing Daemon Offline On First Start Doadin

Start deluged then gtkui and opening the connection manager will say the daemon is offline but if you hit connect then manually close the connection manager it connects fine.

And from there on if you disconnect from daemon or restart it or w.e. as long as you don't restart the gtkui it will see it online but if you close the ui you can still connect like before but it wont say online and you have to manually close the connection manager after hitting connect.(just like the first time)

#2816 WorksForMe GTK not refreshing torrent view from iconified firefox

When GTK is iconofied on ubuntu 16.04 and a torrent is finished, if you open the GTK interface by double click on the icon, it will not say that it's completed but still says that it's downloading. using the deluge-console shows as completed. have to close deluge and open it again then will show the files completed or not. when not iconified all ok.

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