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#1870 Invalid Paths are updating incorrectly in preferences using remote GTK thermionix

Using the GTK-client when connected to a remote daemon and loading the Preferences dialogue doesn't respect the 'Download to' / 'Move-Completed' / 'Copy .tor to' directories set on the server.

In this instance the server 'Download-to' is set to a path that won't exist on the client machine (a raid device /media/md0/...)

The client forces this to a directory that exists locally (e.g. /home/<user>/, for 'Download to'). If another setting (even in another tab) is changed and apply/ok are pressed, these directory changes are sent to the server.

Perhaps if connected to a remote daemon, the GTK path selection field shouldn't be used?

#1975 Duplicate [win32]Notification icon settings not remembered Pavle Dukanac

enable in options icon display in notification area set in windows settings that deluge icon in notification are is displayed always ( default is hide when inactive) quit deluge start deluge again settings are not remembered, my guess it that windows seems not to think its the same app for witch it remembered settings

platform tested is windows 7 x64 fully upgraded

#1983 Invalid Autoadd plugin not loading torrents with non-ascii char names Calum Pavle Dukanac

I load torrent by dropping them into watch folder and autoadd plugin loads them into deluge. On torrents with non-ascii character names files are not loaded into deluge and they stay in watch folder until i manually delete them. On manuall add via gui same torrent load properley.

sample file name that was not loaded:Los cronocrímenes

following error is written in deluged log:

[ERROR ] 00:56:46 core:204 Unable to auto add torrent due to inproper filename encoding: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xc3 in position 19: ordinal not in range(128

OS used: ubuntu x64

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