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#362 Fixed Use libtorrents session pause/resume instead of the current pause_all,resume_all andar andar
#1972 Fixed Useless ui.UI class Calum jumentous

Whilst it would appear that the class used to be intended for something it is only used in 2 places:

  1. from start_ui where it is called to choose which UI to launch. However at no point here does it use self so in essence this could/should just be a function.
  1. as a base class for deluge/ui/web/, however the init of this class does not chain to the parent class or do anything similar.

I can only imagine that this cross over came from old, removed code and is no longer needed.

This code can simply be merged back into start_ui, if for no other reason that it's less confusing for people reading the code and distinguishing the difference between the _UI and UI classes.

#735 Fixed use keys of "name.utf-8" and "path.utf-8" of metadata andar anonymous

I notice that new deluge 1.1.0 get torrent info from bencode(ui/ deluge 1.07, It is just from librorrent.

In some torrent, if use keys of "name" and "path", only could get a MBCS encoding string, so under Linux, it maybe display wrong(with utf8 local). use keys of "name.utf-8" and "path.utf-8" for a UTF8 string:)

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