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#3003 Fixed Label plugin adding multiple right-click menu entries Cas

Disconnecting and reconnecting to daemon is causing the label plugins to add a new entry to right-click menu each time.

#3002 Fixed Convert Deluge Plugins to GtkBuilder DjLegolas Cas

The plugins needs converting from libglade to Gtk Builder. It is a fairly simply process with the following steps:

Glade file conversion

  1. Open <filename>.glade file in Glade 3.8.1 UI designer.
  2. Choose Edit | Preferences
  3. Change Libglade to GtkBuilder and 2.24 toolkit.
  4. Then File | Save As... and change filename extension to .ui. (e.g. <filename>.ui)

PyGtk code conversion

  • Remove any imports
  • Replace glade.XML with Builder instance and add_from_file method, for example:
- ='<filename>.glade'))
+      self.builder = gtk.Builder()
+      self.builder.add_from_file(get_resource('<filename>.ui'))
  • Ensure .glade files are renamed to .ui equivalents.
  • Replace glade.get_widget with builder.get_object
  • Replace glade.signal_autoconnect with builder.connect_signals
  • If the naming of handler methods match the signals it is possible to use builder.connect_signals(self) instead of specifying the mapping.

Also see:

#3001 Fixed GTK column sorting TypeError DjLegolas Cas

Clicking a column header from down arrow to up arrow then blank results in this error:

TypeError: <lambda>() takes exactly 1 argument (3 given)

It doesn't break anything but should be fixed

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