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#3002 Fixed Convert Deluge Plugins to GtkBuilder DjLegolas Cas

The plugins needs converting from libglade to Gtk Builder. It is a fairly simply process with the following steps:

Glade file conversion

  1. Open <filename>.glade file in Glade 3.8.1 UI designer.
  2. Choose Edit | Preferences
  3. Change Libglade to GtkBuilder and 2.24 toolkit.
  4. Then File | Save As... and change filename extension to .ui. (e.g. <filename>.ui)

PyGtk code conversion

  • Remove any imports
  • Replace glade.XML with Builder instance and add_from_file method, for example:
- ='<filename>.glade'))
+      self.builder = gtk.Builder()
+      self.builder.add_from_file(get_resource('<filename>.ui'))
  • Ensure .glade files are renamed to .ui equivalents.
  • Replace glade.get_widget with builder.get_object
  • Replace glade.signal_autoconnect with builder.connect_signals
  • If the naming of handler methods match the signals it is possible to use builder.connect_signals(self) instead of specifying the mapping.

Also see:

#3001 Fixed GTK column sorting TypeError DjLegolas Cas

Clicking a column header from down arrow to up arrow then blank results in this error:

TypeError: <lambda>() takes exactly 1 argument (3 given)

It doesn't break anything but should be fixed

#3000 Duplicate 1.3.14 fails to respond properly to choosing which files one wants to download. Prods

1.3.14 fails to respond properly to choosing which files one wants to download from within a torrent.

For example, I start a torrent but only want to download 5 of the 50 files within the torrent so I high-light those I do NOT want and choose "Do Not Download." Note that Deluge 1.3.14 has a lot of difficulty designating the files as "Do Not Download" and several attempts are often necessary...

Expected behaviour is that Deluge will ignore those files designated as "Do Not Download", and only download the files designated as "Normal, High, or Highest" priority.

What occurs: Deluge completely messes it up, and files that are designated "Do Not Download" are downloaded; files that are designated "Normal Priority" etc. are only partially downloaded, or not at all.

Also, if the 50 files have a total size of 50MB, and the files designated "Normal Priority" etc., have a total size of 5MB, the "Size" column will read some random number that is much larger than the expected 5MB. Running a Force ReCheck? does nothing to fix it. It is a total disaster.

Installed via ppa on Xubuntu Xenial. I have confirmed this on both my Xenial systems.

Purged ppa and returned to 1.3.12 and everything works fine.

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