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#945 Fixed Bandwidth limit not applied to DHT/Peer Exchange andar fe@…

Overall bandwidth limit is not applied to DHT/Peer Exchange (udp packets). With no active torrents, bandwidth for DHT/Peer Exchange is over 100kpbs -- far in excess of the chosen overall limit of 20kpbs set in options. Connection becomes unusable unless DHT and Peer Exchange are disabled.

These posts seem to indicate the same issue with no resolution other than to disable the DHT and Peer Exchange features or UDP port forwarding:

#904 Fixed Bandwith setting window "other" does not appear andar ninjai@…

this is on windows (running XP SP2), and I think it started with version 1.1.5 When selecting "other" in the max down or up bandwith in the lower status pane of the main window nothing happens! In versions prior to 1.1.5 a window appeared. Selecting other in the max. connections menu does display a new window thou.

#185 WontFix Be able to enable/disable DHT per torrent (private flag) andar chronos.hun@…

Its pretty simple. I use both type of trackers(what has ratio counting and what has not), and it would be great to set DHT per torrent. There should be a global variable for setting DHT on and off, and if its on you could set DHT for each torrent.

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