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#3022 WorksForMe WebUI Not Working on Linux Mint Edward_Stryfe

I'm using Linux Mint Version 17 and just installed deluge and when I tried to activate the webui plugin all seemed well until I went to the option in Preferences. I get the message that "The Deluge Web Interface is Not Installed" all other plugins, both included and external work just fine though.

#3040 WorksForMe No connection Ricky

Hi i have the deluge WEB UI: 1.3.5 is was working 100% fine, but to day i received a The connection to the webserver has been lost! i opened the Connection Manager select the server press Start Daemon but doesn't star. any guide o how to fix this problem ?

#3056 WorksForMe creating daemon connection in deluge-gtk fails without feedback Cas krichter

After the connection to the daemon failed without feedback (probably another issue which can't be investigated prior to fixing this one) I deleted the long time ago only defined connection in order to re-create it. After clicking on "Add", entering hostname, port, username and password and clicking "Save" the creation dialog closes, but the connection isn't listed in the list of available connections. There's no feedback for the user and nothing logged to console.

experienced with 2.0.0.dev7052+45e0d10+201706100031~ubuntu17.04.1 on Ubuntu 17.04

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