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#341 Invalid Test active port always tests random port markybob anonymous

When you go to the "Preferences" dialog and to the "Network" tab, even if you uncheck "Use random ports" the program will check for a random port whenever you click "Test active port".

#345 WorksForMe slow torrent list markybob anonymous

I discovered that deluge saves persistent.state on each sorting action in torrent list. Thus when I move torrent up or down in list with 300+ items it freeze interface on some seconds. So if I want move torrent 10 lines down it takes too many time.

#346 Fixed winxp msi installer sadrul anonymous

The msi installer for WinXP 32 assumes I want to install to drive C, which for me isn't even possible due to a fubar'd OS install, leaving me with drive "F" for my primary...

either an ability to choose the path myself or extract from the msi installer or otherwise download the files in a straight tarball type format (not the source, cygwin and mingw are a pain)

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