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#1002 Duplicate Been able to Pause upload or Download indivually. andar dpgrent@…

There is Currently no way of Pausing an Upload or a Download individually across all torrents.

Using either the Bandwidth Limit of -1 or 0 both have the same outcome ofsetting the limit to unlimited.

from a bug #996 Scheduler Plugin in Trunk Version not stopping download when set to 0.

answer to this bug "0 and -1 do the same thing, set it as unlimited. You should just set it to something low like 3 KiB/s.. You still need some download to account for your protocol overhead when uploading."

I then asked if the overheads could be excluded from the equatation and was told that yes this can already be done via.

"You can set the overhead to not be rate limited in the Bandwidth preferences."

so why is it that you cannot either pause upload only or download only.

the overheads have already been removed from the equation so there is no reason that we cannot somehow be able to limit only one form of torrent (either downloading or seeding the torrent).

eg stop download torrents or stop uploading torrents (excluding overheads of course.)

this should flow across all aspects of deluge espically the scheduler system.

This was able to be done in Deluge easily so it should come back to this version of Deluge.

#762 Fixed Better Console UI nick anonymous

Hi. Better console UI (e.g. ncurses) should be great!

#2973 Invalid Better search function jony0008

Hi, I hope deluge could get a better search function. I would like that all searches matches would be shown in one window. For example, the search matches could be shown in a new tab window?

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