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#2992 WontFix [Win32] Resolve empty value fields issue by updating attached GTK + suyum

Sorry for my bad English.

Target issues are #2386 and #2944.

Similar problems are reported at GNOME Bugzilla.
And it seems this bug is fixed in GTK + Ver 2.24.14 .

I replaced GTK + with Ver 2.24.23 , and confirmed that this issue does not occur.

If possible, please update the version of GTK + included in installer to 2.24.14 or higher.

OS:Windows10 Pro 64bit Japanese

#2991 Fixed Proxy settings not displayed correctly NewRush-inPirate

All my proxy settings are displayed like they're set to "None", even though the proxy seems to be used.

OS: Arch Linux

#2990 Fixed Deluge 1.3.14 file priorities are bugged Cas daerragh

I've updated to deluged 1.3.14 from source on my Ubuntu Server 16.10 and connect to it using the Windows client 1.3.14 on Win 10.

When I add a new torrent I deselect multiple files from within the torrent and then add it. But then when I check the files tab in Deluge Windows client (wchich is connected to deluged 1.3.14 on Linux), all files from that torrent are marked as having Normal Priority but Deluge only downloads the files I had selected. Furthermore if I change the priority of even one file, Deluge starts to download all the files from the torrent and not just the ones I had selected while adding torrent + the 1 new file I've just selected.

I resintalled and re-set everything from scratch but it didn't help. 1.3.13 didn't have this problem.

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