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#354 Invalid missing po files in RC2 markybob anonymous

Seems, there is no .po files in RC2 at all.

#357 Fixed Add "Seeding: Prioritize Torrents With >0 Peers" queue auto-prioritization markybob anonymous

Running Debian Testing: Deluge

It would be really wonderful if Deluge was able to automatically de-prioritize seeding torrents without peers and prioritize torrents that have peers.

Right now, Deluge does no auto-prioritization. I use and often have the maximum number of torrents running at one time (say 5) and more than that many torrents queued (say 10). Thus, 5 of my torrents are sitting beneath my active queue. However, if the 5 active torrents have no peers, Deluge doesn't check the rest of the torrents for peers, so I'll never even know if the 5 inactive torrents have peers. Thus, the 5 active torrents with 0 peers stay at the top of my queue, never reaching the required share ratio to stop seeding, and never letting me move to other torrents that might have peers. This effectively stops me from seeding at all.

Having an auto-prioritizer would allow Deluge to ensure that I keep seeding as much as possible without having my list of active torrents blocked by torrents without peers.

Furthermore, Deluge should display the number of seeds and peers on inactive torrents, which it currently does not, so I could know when to manually move a torrent up to a higher place in the queue... But that's another bug entirely.

#358 Fixed remove torrent when share ratio reached locks gtkui andar anonymous

remove torrent when share ratio reached locks gtkui. my guess is core removes it and gtkui doesnt know about it, which results in "Error getting torrent state"

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