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#384 Duplicate Windows Installer needs a C: drive markybob anonymous

My Windows chose to install itself on L: because C: got corrupted. So far this is the first program that has had a problem with not having a C: drive.

#389 Fixed queue order is randomized on restart andar anonymous

queue order does not remain the same as it was on a restart

#390 Duplicate Deluge does not compile with BOOST_NO_EXCEPTIONS defined markybob anonymous

Hello, first of all I want to thank you for a very good piece of software. The new separation of daemon from the GUI is a very good (and logical) step. Also I have briefly look at the source and the C++ style you use is very pleasant to me, so you have my admires.

I am trying to build the deluge for small linux box WMU6500-FS and since I had a problem with exceptions (sjlj vs dwarf2 model) one of steps I tried was to define BOOST_NO_EXCEPTIONS macro. It looks it is partially supported in your code so I thought it could be a good choice, but there are several places which do not compile at all. I have made several changes in the code (with no deeper understanding the consequences - some where pretty local but some others are rather hacks) and now it at least compiles. Later on I decided to re-compile GCC so I am not using the macro anymore (so this bug report has null priority for me), but I thought I could let you know (just in case you had some spare time to look at it).

I'll attach the diff file, the whole story how I changed the code is described here.

Best regards, Filodej

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