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#1850 WorksForMe Feature request - Segmented downloads taurolyon

This is a feature I desperately miss from Transmission - the ability to go into the torrent being downloaded, and deselect files within the torrent that I did not want, as well as the ability to prioritize files within the torrent itself.


Torrent Contains:


I would like the feature to go be able to go in and prioritize "", deprioritize "", and to ignore downloading "".

#2345 Duplicate UI layout resetting on startup Tarmia

Alright, so this is how I like to setup my Deluge UI.

But after a restart, it goes back to this.

I know this is very minor but it can be a bit annoying having to set it up to my liking every time I restart the program.

The bug doesn't happen on show/hide.

So the fix would be to make Deluge remember the UI preferences over restart.

I am using Deluge 1.3.6, which is running on Linux Mint 15 Olivia 64-bit.

#433 Fixed Deluge RCs do not start on Windows XP x64 markybob tarkatronic@…

It appears that the whole problem is with the fact that the program is installed to, and runs out of, C:\Program Files (x86)\ rather than the standard C:\Program Files\.

If I simply use the start menu item or run the deluge.cmd by hand, I get nothing; no output, nada. If I remove the EXIT from the end of the script, I get a pop-up dialog title "StartX", stating: Failed to run the program, Error:2, The system cannot find the file specified.

After adding (x86) to all instances of %PROGRAMFILES% in the script (as well as the EXIT and @echo off) and running the script by hand, I get an empty return; no output at all. If I try subsequently running scripts\deluge.exe (since all of the environment variables are now present) it complains that: Cannot find Python executable C:\Program Files\deluge\python.exe Despite the fact that my PYTHONPATH is: C:\Program Files (x86)\deluge\Lib;C:\Program Files (x86)\deluge\DLLs;C:\Program Files (x86)\deluge\Lib\site-packages;

It looks like there may be some hard-coded paths in here. This could also cause a problem in the case that somebody installed to a drive other than C:

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