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#543 Fixed UPnP fails to establish port mappings in version 1.0.2 andar brown

I am using the Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy .deb of version 1.0.2 downloaded from the deluge website.

Upon upgrading from v1.0.0 to v1.0.2 UPnP no longer establishes any forwarded ports on my router.

Downgrading to v1.0.0 fixes the issue.

A wireshark log of v1.0.2 shows no UPnP communication with the router at all.

#616 Duplicate UPnP fails in 64 bit ubuntu package andar

i just downloaded the deb package for ubuntu hardy then installed and ran deluge. every port test fails, even after tweaking settings in the preferences dialogue.

i know UPnP works on my router as other apps, including the transmission bt client, can use it fine.

#610 Fixed UPNP failing with Netgear WPN824v2 andar vivaelamor

First time I've used a 1.x version (1.0.5) and UPNP is failing with my Netgear router. It was working on the version in the ubuntu repository (0.5.x I think?).

I have done a compile with UPNP logging enabled and it shows the router being sent an extra / in the URL:

If I try that URL in a browser it comes up with the router login. If I take out the extra / it comes up with a blank page ready for the POST.

I have attached the log.

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