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#561 ETA becomes Infinity if priority for one or more files is set to "Not Download" andar anonymous

ETA becomes Infinity if priority for one or more files is set to "Not Download". When switching priorities back to normal, high or highest ETA becomes correct immideatelly.

#562 WorksForMe Big memory leak in deluged andar anonymous

I've never seen this before . deluged (1.0.3) mostly consuming 30-90 MB ram grew fastly to consume over 500 MB . For the record , this happened after closing virtualbox which was consuming around 330 MB . System : Debian Sid . Ram : 1 GB (2 X 512MB) .

#563 Invalid Deluge not playing nicely with my router andar Gregorovius <>

Hi. Since I've installed deluge 1.0.3 I've been having all sorts of issues. My router (d-link wbr-1310) hard locks quite often (it doesn't respond to ping and its reset button does nothing, so I can't even check the logs). Even when it's working, if deluge's download speed is high, browsing or any other internet activity is impossible, since almost every request times out. uPnP doesn't work either, while it used to work in 1.0.0.

My settings are quite conservative (80 max connections, 12kb/s upload (my max is about 25), 3 upload slots, 8 half-open connections, 10 connection attempts per second). I've also tried to lower half-open, max per second and max connections, and it doesn't seem to have a significant effect.

Transmission, while downloading and uploading the same files with even less conservative settings, plays along fine with my router, browsing and everthing else (including uPnP) is ok. Deluge ~0.5 used to work fine, and I'm not sure if 1.0 or 1.0.1 had this problem (I skipped 1.0.2). If you suspect it's a regression I could try compiling an older version.


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