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#1142 Incorrect ETA when custom ratio set on a torrent gmichels

I have the global share ratio limit set to 3 and all ETAs are correctly displayed, however if I set a higher share ratio limit for a particular torrent, the ETA doesn't change and it also turns into negative numbers after the global share ratio is passed. Tested using the webui and GTK ui.

Please see images attached for a clearer explanation.

#1149 gtk deluge won't start meridius

It is happening me for a long time. I always solved it by removing all the ~/.config/deluge/ and always forgot to make backup for posting a new ticket. Now I finally doesn't!
So I attached both old and new ~/.config/deluge/ folders with all files and output .log files for situation when Deluge won't start and after deleting its folder. Both .log files are made with option "-L debug" because I thought that would be best.

Additional info:
* I always installing deluge from PPA:

  • by "deluge won't start" I mean that its icon isn't shown in notification area and deluge itself isn't accepting opened torrents
  • also its process is shown as "/usr/bin/deluge", not by programs name "Deluge"
  • for now it has always happened when I haven't opened any torrent, but I guess it's just luck
#1151 console ui unable to automatically connect quite

When starting up console ui, it fails to connect to the deluged (on localhost, running as a different user). I assumed I had to put the user:pass: in the auth file, but it seems I was wrong. Perhaps that file is only for setting up access to the daemon? Anyhow, it does not work. Moreover, the gtk ui does connect successfully using the same setup, so is the real issue that console ui does not care about the hostlist.conf?

Maybe this is a feature request, or a bug. I did not read the source very well now.

Probably the same issue here:

[ERROR   ] 13:38:58 client:375 RPCError Message Received!
RPCRequest: daemon.login(localclient, 8ce5af6592d4043af256be0ec3ffda531378d6cf)
  File "/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/deluge/core/", line 245, in dispatch
    ret = component.get("AuthManager").authorize(*args, **kwargs)
  File "/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/deluge/core/", line 93, in authorize
    raise BadLoginError("Password does not match")

BadLoginError: Password does not match

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