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#189 Duplicate Windows Crash markybob rockerboo@…

I keep having the deluge crash on my Windows XP SP2 machine. I just wanted to report the windows crash response.

The only plug-ins I have are

Torrent Files Torrent Peers

In the following text is the xml output of the error. Hope that can help.

#194 Duplicate Incorrect free disk space check on resuming a torrent markybob lalinsky@…

I have a 16GB torrent with most of files marked as "Don't download". I ran out of disk space so the torrent was automatically paused, but now when I try to resume it, it wants free space for the whole torrent, not just the files to be downloaded.

#209 Duplicate [Windows only] Deluge installer can't copy certain files markybob net7runner@…

If Deluge crashes (which, in Windows, it does rather frequently) it leaves zombie instances of dbs-daemon-deluge.exe running (frequently along with some calls to libexpat.dll via rundll32.exe). These processes persist even if Deluge is restarted and closed correctly.

If the Windows installer is then run (as an upgrade, etc.), it throws the following errors:

Error opening file for writing:




...because the zombie processes are still running (files are in use).

Is it possible to have the installer kill these processes before replacing files?

Workaround: kill dbus-daemon-deluge.exe and rundll32.exe by hand.

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