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#240 Duplicate Move torrent in web ui always shows initial directory mvoncken


I use the deluge nightlies. The web ui move function does not necessarily show the correct current location of a file, it never changes from the directory where the torrent was initially downloaded to.

Let's say, I download a torrent to ~/torrents. I then use the move function to move it to ~/iso. When I now revisit the move page, it still seems to suggest the torrent being in ~/torrents whereas it should show ~/iso since that is where the file is now.



#241 WorksForMe Wrong size reported when files are set to "Don't Download" markybob

When setting some files to "Don't Download" (~2270MiB not to download), the Size reported by Deluge increases instead of decreases. For example, in a 5.3GiB torrent, I selected 2270MiB worth of files and set them to "Don't Download". The size reported rose to 7.1GiB. In another torrent (3.7GiB), I set all the files to "Don't Download" and the size rose to 4.0GiB instead of 0. The torrents in question are these two, though I can reproduce this with any torrent that is big enough and has multiple files:

The distro is ArchLinux? and the version is

#242 WorksForMe multiple file select doesn't work under windows markybob cabal_ro

Multiple file select doesn't work under windows xp, ctrl + shift + up/down or end/home doesn't do anything. Only ctrl and left mouse click selects parts of torrents. I've tried it on different systems both new and old, amd and intel so this shouldn't be hardware related, only windows seems to be the problem. It's quite annoying if u have a big torrent pack with 25 GB and you just need 2 or 3 movies out of it, clicking on every archive. Please someone have mercy on us windows users :)

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