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#565 Fixed Defunct deluged process after starting up andar Lajnold

After starting deluged via the GTKUI under Linux, there is a defunct deluged process, as can be seen via "ps -ef | grep deluged". This is because of the process started via subprocess.Popen not being waited for. Conveniently, the Popen class has a wait method that can be used for this.

#566 Duplicate non-persistant share ratio andar

When a pause a torrent and restart it, my share ratio is set back to zero. My platform is Ubuntu 8.04, compiled from source. This happened after I paused all of my torrents, and I have not tested this bug with pausing individual torrents.

#567 Duplicate Certian characters in torrent filename cuases Deluge to NOT display torrent names and status for all torrents. andar

After adding a torrent with a certain character in its name it caused deluge to hide all torrent file names, status, rank, ratio, and download/up speed in the main window. showing just a list of unnamed torrents (the same number of torrents expected)

It does continue to work (the rest of my torrents continued to download) and you can work around this by looking at each unnamed torrent files details. The torrent file in question did download and upon removing the torrent deluge has reverted back to normal.

Bug is not critical but strange and slightly alarming upon first experiencing it.

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