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#179 WontFix blocklist plugin updates the list too often andar anonymous

Blocklist plugin updates the blocklist nearly everytime, ignoring the settings to update every 14 days. It updates on every run, and on every look at the plugin's options. This is very annoying, and it sometimes crashes Deluge. Blocklist plugin shouldn't blindly download the list every time, it should check if the file was updated first.

#4 Invalid blocklist plugin will not load, and had a core dump with new version as well

Upon launching this morning, I had a core dump. Them, it launched on 2cd attempt. When I tried to download and install the blocklist, it will download, and nothing installs. I get no error, and it just sits there.

#1382 Fixed [Blocklist] Whitelist IPs in the filter list s0undt3ch flasher360

plugin: blocklist

problem: when loading some ip filter lists the announcement url of some trackers get banned.


  1. make a button for unbanning the tracker announcement url. (adding it to a whitelist in libtorrent)
  2. additionally a input mask would be nice to have where you could manually unban an ip or even an ip range.
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