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#243 WontFix Speed limit does not work inside LAN. markybob

OS:Linux i386 Distribution:Ubuntu 8.04 deluge version: installed by Ubuntu aptitude

Speed limit does not apply to LAN connections. So if you just share files with other guys in the LAN,you can not limit the speed,which may cause your low download speed.

It seems like deluge has missed some feature,which we can disable the option "enable seperate speed limit for LAN" in the azureus to get.

I do like deluge because of its simple and almost enough features,so please fix this bug which may annoy people who are in a network environment like mine.

Thank you!

#244 WorksForMe display of gtk clients not updated after adding a torrent andar


I use the nightlies on ubuntu hardy.

The display of the list of torrents is not always updated correctly. One such occurence is after adding or deleting a torrent from the session. The new torrent will not show up in the gtk client until after a reconnect from the gtk ui to the core. Likewise, a deleted torrent will continue to be shown.



#245 Fixed "force recheck" ends stuck in "checking" mode andar


choosing "Force recheck" from the gtk interface of the 0.6 nightlies ends with the torrent being stuck in "Checking" mode. It could be that this only applies to completed downloads or paused ones. I am not 100% sure how to reproduce this. But after I forced a recheck, I have now a few torrents that are stuck. Restarting the core did not help.



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