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#2228 Fixed Apply To All in Add Torrent Dialog Is Copying Renames surye

When using the apply to all button on the add torrent dialog, it copies a reference of all the options, including the remapped file names. This has the effect of all renamed files having the same name.

I believe we should be removing the mapping, and then updating the options for each torrent, only once per click of the button.

My use case that produced this was to load up several torrents, set a download path, click the apply to all button, then go to clean up the file names. This resulted in all the files downloading as the same name.

#2171 Fixed "Add peer" window bug surdose

In the peers tabs, the option to add a peer is buggy. The window can't be closed with buttons (cancel or valid), only if you press Escape key it will close.

It can be reproduced, click add peer, then clean the text area and click Valid.

#2192 Fixed An option to hide the "Owner" list surdose

Like "Show Zero Hits" and "Show Trackers", It would be convenient to hide this list from the sidebar.

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