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#572 WontFix stats and label plugins fail to load on gtk ui andar danii

stats and label plugins fail to load on gtk ui the stats plugin loads but the when disabled the graphs tab doesn't close tested with both an old config and a clean

#575 Invalid Downloads limit upload speed andar

I've tested some now to be sure. First I downloaded a torrent at 700 kb/s and uploading it at 350 kb/s at the same time. When the torrent was being uploaded it maxed out on 130 kb/s (had one less leecher). However, when I download another torrent at the same time, on the torrent I'm uploading the speed immediately dives down to 30 kb/s in upload. If I pause the downloading torrent the seed goes up to 130 kb/s again.

The Internet line is 10/10 Mbit and considering the speeds when the first torrent was downloaded I can only figure this is a problem with Deluge or perhaps libtorrent.

#576 Invalid move storage behavior incorrect andar

I download multiple torrents to an incoming directory (let's say /blum/incoming), and then when finished I move them to respective folders (Music, Movies, Television) using the Move Storage option. when I try to move multiple things to the same directory one at a time, the dialog puts me in the proper default directory (the last used), but I cannot click "OK". instead, I have to go up a directory (to /blum) and then go back to the directory (/blum/Movies) in order to save the file. this bug has existed in every version that has supported the option to move downloaded files.

once you work around the flaw, it works fine. but it's a gigantic pain once you've dealt with it literally hundreds of times, and should be fixed.

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