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#25 Invalid Brazilian Portuguese translations for Deluge 0.6 andar

I'm sending updated translations pt_BR for Deluge 0.6.

#1233 Invalid bring deluge demon to C language and enable web interface reverse proxying maxadamo

Hi. I love deluge. It's a perfect software. But as I prefer to use torrent as a daemon, where I can connect thru the interface, I abandoned deluge as it uses too much CPU. Now I started using Transmission. Even if I am not downloading any file, I see the demon goes at 4%, 5% of CPU usage. This is the disadvantage of writing demon/sockets with python.

Furthermore, the web interface of Transmission can be reverse proxied without any problem. As you understand, from many places where you connect thru proxies, it's impossible to reach other ports than 80 and 443. For this reason is important to have the possibility to use reverse proxies.

#1751 Fixed broke config damoxc firefox

i pause all torrents close the gtk and the daemon and after i try to restart and doesnt connect to daemon anymore: message: 19:44:35.984 [deluge.ui.gtkui.gtkui :347 ][ERROR ] Connection to host failed.. * glibc detected * /usr/bin/python: corrupted double-linked list: 0xb440f2d0 *

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