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#2962 WorksForMe deluge-gtk freezes when using the Open Folder function with nemo sponix

1) Linux Mint 18.1 Cinnamon 64-bit 2) Ran deluge-gtk, selected a torrent, and choose "Open Folder" 3) The Location of the Torrent opened in the nemo file browser, and deluge-gtk froze solid 4) Expected the torrent data location to open and deluge-gtk to continue running as normal 5) This freezes deluge-gtk every time and only a force quit or kill -9 will close it afterwards

This issue seems to be only with Cinnamon, I can do the exact same thing in Mate and it functions fine.. But if I install nemo within Mate and set it as the default file browser the freezes take place again..

#2961 Fixed [LIBTORRENT] Deluged Error No Converter Found Doadin

tested on deluge develop commit a7826c4f90115026d3d50c51f9b3a4e5520d9ccf and libtorrent RC_1_1 commit 132be5101ff48ecc2831e4171c4f2043b290c6f9", line 99, in handle_alerts

alerts = self.session.pop_alerts()

exceptions.TypeError?: No to_python (by-value) converter found for C++ type: class boost::shared_ptr<class libtorrent::alert>

#2960 Fixed moving file freeze Cas firefox

when torrent finished and moves to the completed path it freezes on moving and cannot be either removed from the gtk

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