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#2720 Fixed Update the copyright year on the project front page Copied

The copyright in the footer on is set to 2008. That gives the first-impression that the project is dead and os no longer receiving any updates.

Could it please be updated to reflect that the project is indeed still alive an kicking?

Alternatively, publishing the release date next to the version number would work.

#2318 Invalid Update PPA for raring Naddiseo

Ubuntu Raring (13.04) was released last week, could we get an update for the PPA.


#2777 Fixed Update NSIS MSVC redist checker lunch

Currently the installer doesn't check for the latest versions of Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable. As a result, if the user has the latest version of these runtimes installed, it isn't recognized and he is prompted to install these. As more, an older version.

Relevant file: deluge-win32-installer.nsi

CLSID currently checked:

FF66E9F6-83E7-3A3E-AF14-8DE9A809A6A4 9A25302D-30C0-39D9-BD6F-21E6EC160475

You should add these two entries:

1F1C2DFC-2D24-3E06-BCB8-725134ADF989 9BE518E6-ECC6-35A9-88E4-87755C07200F

I think you should also remove FF66E9F6-83E7-3A3E-AF14-8DE9A809A6A4, so the user would be prompted to update its antiquated VC++ 2008 redistributable to at least SP1.

Lastly, I would update the download link to in order to direct to the latest version.


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