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#297 Duplicate Show the availabilty of each chunk in the "Details"-tab markybob

I just found that G3 torrent has a feature, showing the relative distribution of the a chunks of a file as a histogram.

With that data, the user could see, if the torrent was an incomplete upload or so. - In addition to the absolute "availability"-index, deluge calculates per torrent.

Perhaps deluge could also use that data to prioritize the not so common chunks. - And by that keep some files from dying.

... well after all, I just wanted to give you some input. :)

#302 Duplicate Systray context menu on windows "empty", needs scrolling. markybob anonymous

When you right click on the Deluge systray icon in Windows (XP), there's an empty menu displayed. You have to point onto the bottom arrow for the actual menu contents to appear/scroll in... (see screenshot)

#309 Duplicate "Torrent paused" message but seeding torrents don't pause markybob anonymous

I usually store my downloaded files on an external disk, and when it's not plugged in or suddenly plugged out (the wire to my external disk is bad so this happens regulary for me) Deluge gives messages like "Torrent paused: file/directory <path/to/file> not found". This is just fine, but... When it's a seeding torrent, it doesn't pause! The result: I get the exact same message about the same torrent a minute later, and I have to manually pause it.

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